Ivan Sucharski’s Resume


Ivan L. Sucharski

I am a social scientist and data aficionado interested in applying my expertise in organizations that aspire to a culture of data driven decision making. My interests include data strategy, data curation, data evangelism, measurement and metric design, business intelligence, A/B testing, and analytics product design. I love the art and science of making data useful accessible, maximally informative and predictive.



Consulting: data strategy, instrumentation schemas, A/B test design, pilot study design, data audits, gap analysis


Personnel: manage engineers and analysts

Program: head up BI and data warehouse system

Product Design: consumer facing – analytic insights module; back end – customer profile system, A/B testing system

Communication: lead brown bags, conference speaking, white papers, blogging

Evangelism: represent the organization in analyst tours, presales, and integration support

Technology: Familiar with RDBMS, Big Data concepts, cloud services



Defining measurable results for enabling data based business decisions

Promoting data driven cultures through education, example, and data accessibility

Quantifying behavior to create rich data assets for predictive analytics and general BI

Making data understandable and available to stakeholders

Ensuring data quality, accuracy, completeness

Taking complex data concepts and findings and translating them for decision makers

Teaching best practices, testing strategies, data validation methods


Technical Skills

Data: Data strategy, data curation, KPI and metric definition, business intelligence, ad hoc analyses, BI dashboard design

Product: consumer dashboard specification, data collection system specification

Statistics: Statistical analyses, A/B testing, multivariate testing

Research: experimental design, behavioral research, survey design, data collection

Software: Excel, PowerPoint, Word, SPSS, MicroStrategy


Select Accomplishments

  • Owned several data strategy components including logging schemas, storage methods, reporting suites, testing platform, data monitoring, and ad hoc analytics for products
  • Designed InSight analytics reporting suite, a customer facing advanced BI system focused around mobile application engagement, retention, and monetization
  • Product manager for Common Customer Profile – a backend service for storing complex user data available to analytics services for predictive modeling and real time qualification
  • Defined extensive logging instrumentation and reporting suites for several web and client based mobile products used by millions of unique users
  • Designed and executed an international product pilot for a major handset manufacturer using a multi-phase experimental design

Work Experience

2013 – Present: Independent Consultant: Data Strategy

Help businesses define their approach to collecting, storing, processing, and extracting value from various sources of data. Educate decision makers on data driven culture and using data to make business decisions. Manage and guide engineers on best practices for data collection. Define schemas and data collection methods. Design testing protocols for data collection services and products.


Clients: X2 Biosystems (concussion impact detection and health management)


2012 – 2013: Data Strategist: Medio Systems

  • Individual contributor responsible for data sourcing, quality control, and manipulation
  • Lead strategies around data collection, storage, data access, and use within all products
  • SME around analytics, BI, data, and data strategy at conferences and analyst briefings
  • Designer and product manager for Common Customer Profile – a backend service for storing complex user data available to analytic services for predictive analytics and real time qualification and BI systems for summarizing user behavior


2011 – 2012: Manager, Data Acquisition and BI Team: Medio Systems

  • Manage BI team of analysts and developers
  • Define and specify event based client side logging system for data collection SDKs
  • Aid in product development through research, thought leadership, and data education


2008 – 2011: Senior Business Analyst: Medio Systems

  • Team Lead for the Reporting Services Group included managing developers
  • Specify and define full instrumentation of mobile web and client side products
  • Key provider of business intelligence both internally and externally
  • Own customer facing and internal dashboards, analytics systems, and ad hoc analyses

2007 – 2008: Program Manager: Data Analytics, Medio Systems

  • Monitor, explore, analyze, report on user behaviors in multiple mobile applications
  • Ad-hoc reporting and exploratory research on mobile search behaviors
  • Data preparation and presentation for executives and stakeholders


2005 – 2006: Project Manager: Customer Feedback Live.com, Microsoft

  • Monitor feedback and metrics to determine customer pain points during beta period
  • Drive visibility into search engine usability problems and customer feature requests
  • Define instrumentation of user behavior data tracking metrics on live site


2000 – 2006: Organizational Productivity Research Group, University of Delaware


  • Design, execute, analyze, and report on several large organizational research surveys for clients including Los Angeles County
  • Execute end to end studies of visitor satisfaction and facility usability for several clients including Monterey Bay Aquarium and the National Park Service


Ph.D. in Social Psychology, University of Delaware

B.A. in Psychology, Minor in Sociology Western Washington University


*         Publications, presentations, writing samples and references available upon request.

*         View my LinkedIn profile: http://www.linkedin.com/in/ivansucharski


Contact me: ivan at this website name .com