It is. I like puns, rhymes, and playing with language, neologisms included. So I blended the word “scry” (to predict the future or see the truth, often by gazing into a crystal ball) with “logy”, which is a suffix for “a branch of learning”. I’m a psychologist (see next section) who enjoys the pursuit of prediction, so modifying and combining these two lexical pieces to sound a lot like one of my main interests fit right in the socket of the wordplay I enjoy.

As of this moment, Scrycology is my own personal term for using data, tea leaves, behavioral measurement, math I don’t understand, technology, vampires and robots to predict the future. What future? Whatever strikes me as interesting. Welcome to my idiolect.


My name is Ivan Sucharski, and I live in Seattle. I am a scientist in mind and by training (PhD in social psychology) but have pursued a slightly different path than the traditional academic (i.e. teach in some capacity or go into research). Instead of the tried and true pursuits of folks of my ilk – such as a junior professorship or some marketing gig, (for what is marketing but 1,000,000 social psychological experiments?), I merged my interests involving predicting and translating behavior through the collection of data, computers, statistics, and data exploration into a role that I describe as Data Strategist.  I approach information (and data) from the point of view that there is an ideal collection and curation method that is business specific, but has common roots in general data analytics. It is my job to translate what is possible into what is useful. This manifests in such forms as product instrumentation definition (i.e. what to measure and how to measure it), KPI definition, and ad-hoc analyses. I also scrutinize data quality and its general usage throughout the organization. I’m active in product definition both as a principal and as a consultant to others. I write papers, teach about how users interact with our products on their systems, play with data and experiment (both in the colloquial sense as well as the scientific sense).

I have worked for Microsoft Search/Live/Bing, Medio Systems (first a mobile search then a mobile recommendation and analytics startup), and now am engaged in data strategy oriented consulting for local Seattle startups.

If you care, my LinkedIn profile is here and my CV is available on request.


This blog is meant to cover the things I think about: logging, reporting, measurement, prediction, analytics, technology, data, and whatever interrelated or pseudo-related nonsense that pops into my head or strikes me as worth sharing.


I read a lot of industry articles, and participate in online discussions regarding analytics, measurement, data, the future of privacy, etc. and find these topics extremely interesting. I think about them on the bus ride home from work. I dream about them sometimes. I thought I’d create a space for thinking more formally, creating a record and proof (for better or worse!) Maybe I type missives only for myself, and the reader is the afterthought. Maybe without the possibility of an outside reader the notes would never be taken, or perhaps they would be taken more haphazardly – I’m not sure. Either way, welcome to the conversation.

Feel free to contact me: ivan @ this website name.