Apr 032011

I work in the mobile industry, and as a business analyst, I read a number of articles each week on mobile trends and predictions. These articles may discuss handset popularity, distribution of phones by country, data consumption, web usage, application purchases, or any other of a million broad or niche topics. One thing that I have not seen a lot of is independent collections of information. Often the stats I see are either teasers by analysts trying to get you to buy their reports, or marketing documents written to sell someone (not me) some product to help their mobile business. In doing a little research for a whitepaper I’m writing, I ran into this awesome collection of data by the guys at mobithinking on mobile trends that was released in February of 2011 (< 2 months ago)!

Not only is it a super long list describing several types of trends around consumption, change, applications, platforms, etc. They include many links to the original sources of data and even multiple sources for the same factoids (sometimes the sources agree and sometimes they do not). Lastly, mobithinking folks make a number of comments about the data they report, adding their expert opinions around the facts and figures they present.

I found this webpage to be an awesome collection of useful information for understanding where the mobile market is heading, what the predictions for the future are (revenues, OS wise, etc.), and I will be using this as a go-to when I need future factoids to round out certain business arguments or to set the stage for presentations.

The most interesting bit I saw (and I did not read everything….yet) was on the estimation of when US mobile carriers, if they don’t change course, will cease being profitable (original article available as the “executive summary” which at 8 pages long seems about 7 too many for most executives, here). Spoiler alert: Unprofitability is coming more quickly than you probably think it is.